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PT. Radar Telekomunikasi Indonesia

Established since February 5, 2016 by a group of researchers and engineers who have the ability in radar, telecommunication and electronic technologies from electronic research and telecommunication center (PPET-LIPI). The board of director are retired employees of PPET-LIPI. The purpose of establishment for PT. Radar Telekomunikasi Indonesia (RTI) is to implement research results from PPET - LIPI to be utilized in industry, community and government both at national and international levels by providing high local content (domestic content level = TKDN) products. The need for products such as radar, telecommunication and electronics in Indonesia encourages us to contribute to the development of national products in radar, telecommunication and electronic technologies. The products can be used for civil applications and also for defense and security. The national independence of strategic products must be strengthened by reducing the dependence on imported products.

Our Values

MISSION: PT. RTI becomes a superior company in the field of radar, telecommunication and electronic technologies, makes innovative products according to the technological advances and conforms to the intellectual property rights (IPR). To be able to compete with national and international companies. To create professional and high quality products in telecommunications, defense electronics, and services related with these products.

VISION: To be a superior, innovative and national company that masters competitive technologies for radar, telecommunication and electronic product as well as produces quality products according to technologies development.



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